Any intelligent person will see that there is a massive difference between driving on the test track and on the actual roads. Driving in Nepal can be a very dangerous activity as road casualties are some of the highest in the whole world! Last year more than 2000 people lost their lives on Nepal’s roads. There are few people in Nepal that do not know of someone involved in a serious road accident. There are many reasons for these frightening figures. Many drivers/riders have a corrupt licence and even those that pass the Government test are not aware of the correct way to drive on the roads.

Taking a Government driving test will teach you some control skills, but is inadequate to prepare you for life on the real roads. Unfortunately until the Government realises this, then road casualties will continue to rise year on year. You can do something to improve this situation yourself by taking some post test lessons on the road with our qualified instructors. These lessons will help you make the big leap from test track to actual road driving. All our road cars are fitted with industry leading imported dual controls and car dash cameras, so we record your whole lesson inside/outside the car. This gives us the opportunity to go over any points that may arise on the lesson.


Lamjung driving is the most modern well facilitated. Which helped me to learn driving in peaceful environment.

Hari Gurung

Lamjung driving helped me to drive boke cars and bike. It helped me to learn driving in peaceful environment. The scientifically managed system helped to decrease boardern.

Sandhaya Thakuri

Lamjung Driving helped me learn driving at my own time it helped me to learn driving in peaceful environment. The franked teacher helped me to learn highway course also.

Sudixa Tripati

This helped me to learn driving peaceful. The Institute also helped me to form filling and further process. The teacher council me will for all steps of license

Ram Shahi

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